Text 10 Jan Re-rolling…

Two prizes were declined, and will now be re-rolled.

  • Luke sonnet: arcticwolf33
  • Luke vignette: wopor1

Well at least my dad didn’t win ALL the prizes…

Again, expect emails by the end of the week.

Text 9 Jan And the raffle results are in!

The ChipIn is now officially closed, and thus the raffle has been run! To protect the identities of the winners, they will be identified by the first part of their email address.

First, the Dota 2 invites! We only had 7 donors to the stream, and three withdrew their names from the running, so everyone who is part of the drawing gets a key!

  • Invite 1: emiodonnell
  • Invite 2: wopor1
  • Invite 3: arcticwolf33
  • Invite 4: daniel.buerkle
  • Invite 5: NONE
  • Invite 6: NONE

Second, we have our five raffle drawings! The commissioned drawings from the host of Stream 2, Ellen / Akari MMS, and our guest, Kara Komate, and the commissioned literary works from a good friend of ours, Luke / Venort!

  • Ellen Commission: wopor1
  • Luke Short Story: wopor1 
  • Luke Sonnet: daniel.buerkle
  • Luke Vignette: daniel.buerkle
  • Kara Commission: daniel.buerkle

 No, the drawing was not rigged, it’s just that between those two we got $230, out of a $320 total. They had over half the entries.


Regardless, emails will be sent out to the prize winners by the end of the week, and in the case of the Dota 2 invites, have already been sent out. If anyone declines their prizes, they will be re-rolled and the results posted here.

Text 7 Jan 1 note And that’s it!

And that’s it everybody! We are DONE!

Thank you all for watching and donating! Thank you to The Protomen and Gail Simone for helping spread awareness for our stream! Thank you Child’s Play for officially backing our charity drive and putting us on the event calendar, PLUS for existing in the first place since this was all to benefit them to begin with! Just, thank you to everyone, we couldn’t have done this without you!

For those curious, we raised $200, and are expecting at least one more donation before the ChipIn closes on the 8th.

Prize winners will be drawn and announced once the ChipIn closes!

Goodnight everybody!

- Mathieu, Ellen, and the rest of us at PuzzleBox Media

Text 7 Jan New block!

Block nine has begun!

This is our last block of the night, and thus voting is CLOSED!

Text 6 Jan New voting block!
Text 6 Jan New voting block!
Text 6 Jan New voting block!
Text 6 Jan New voting block!
Text 6 Jan New voting block!
Text 6 Jan New voting block!

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